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Tuesday 31 March 2020

The Power Of Visual Marketing For Your Business

Visual Marketing

If you haven’t already found a way to make visual marketing work for you, then listen up as this article has got you covered. Harnessing good quality and effective visual content can help you boost sales, drive revenue, and continue to build an expansive bank of followers and customers. Visual marketing is powerful since it speaks to individuals on a more personal and interactive level, and is far easier to interact with than that of lengthy wordy sentences. Let’s face it, pressing “play” on a video link is far easier than having to give your concentration to reading over reams of text. Good video content is able to get the intended message across at a quicker rate and stimulates the human brain to interact as it will often contain sentimental and memorable material.

Get It Working For You

Types of visual content include images, videos, infographics, presentations, and GIFS and vines. In other words, you’ve got a choice, and you can use more than one type. You don’t need to replace text with visual content completely, as well-placed text can be useful, informative and fitting in certain settings. A stock photo here and there isn’t going to give your business the marketing boost it needs. Instead, you’ll have to expertly place visual content in the right places and at the right time. Sound challenging? It’s easy once you understand what your audience want and what they respond positively to.

Using Images

Use a related featured image at the beginning of every article, as this works to increase engagement, and the heading and subheading should be kept short and punchy. Place an image in between text at around every 400 words – this breaks up the bulk of narrative and makes reading more manageable and appealing.

Why Is It Powerful?

Humans typically respond extremely well to visual stimulation, that is to say, that we are able to process 36,000 visual messages an hour, and the sense of a visual landscape can be experienced within one-tenth of a second – this means that visual content catches the eye and they’re able to interpret what’s going on rapidly and effectively. In fact, an estimated 90% of the data transmitted to the brain is believed to be visual, and the brain can process visual material up to a staggering 60,000 times faster than text. That’s impressive, and what’s more is that humans experience a far more intense emotional reaction to an image rather than to text. Does visual content sound like something you wish to incorporate into your business marketing strategy yet? If not, then read on to hear more.

Say What You Need To Say

So, now that you know that visuals get the message across more quickly, it’s time to reveal how video can actually make customers more inclined to buy. Visuals trigger a reaction, a connection that encourages the human brain to make links between your personal experience and what you’re seeing. You form emotional connections, and you feel involved in what you see in front of you.

Use Visuals & Statistics

Not only is high-quality content critical for having a successful presentation, but you also need to sprinkle in attractive images throughout your speech. Although people are listening to what you’re saying and want to learn, their brains also like to see visuals that complement the information. Everyone’s minds work differently, and some are more visual learners who need images to help them take in what you’re saying. Also, include statistics to make you sound more knowledgeable and credible. This isn’t a time to make assumptions, guesses or say words that make it seem like you think you know what you’re talking about. Use visuals and statistics to create a more engaging presentation and gain the respect of your audience.

Include A Wow Factor

People love surprises when it comes to learning and growing, and your presentation is the perfect opportunity to offer them this delight. Whether it’s an interesting bit of information or an entertaining video, include wow factor in your presentation that gets the attention of your audience and helps them to become more engaged in what you’re doing. They’ll appreciate the fact that you took the time to come to the table ready to impress them. Doing this will also get people talking positively about you as a presenter and your actual presentation. It will allow you to get better feedback then if you had simply got up there and started rambling off a bunch of statements.

Practice Presenting

Your presentation is going to be more engaging if you spend the proper amount of time preparing ahead of time. Practice it over and over again until you feel completely comfortable hitting on all your talking points, even without having to look at your slides. Ask friends and family members to listen to you, so you have the chance to give your speech in front of a live audience before the real deal. This is your chance to make mistakes and corrections and let some of your nerves run wild. Don’t be afraid to tweak and improve what you already have each time you run through it, so it’s even better after having practiced.


How engaging your presentation actually turns out to be is ultimately in your hands. Use these tips and tricks to help you accomplish your goal and take this project to another level. Make notes about what you want to do differently in the future, so you’re always improving and perfecting from the previous go around. Relax, have fun and know that you did your best and then get ready to tackle another presentation down the road.

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