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Wednesday 20 May 2020

8 Steps to Optimise Your Website for Lead Generation

8 Steps to Optimise Your Website for Lead Generation

Optimising your website to generate leads is a one-way road. In order to achieve this, you have to design and implement the right methods. Marketers together with designers try to take strategic approaches to make this happen.
The lead generation process starts when a visitor lands on your page after having clicked on a call-to-action (CTA) that can be anywhere on your website. This landing page is essentially an online form where the visitor is asked to fill providing their contact information. The visitor is then receiving a thank-you message and a new lead is already there.
These are 8 effective ways that can help you optimise your website and generate leads.

1. Measure the performance of your lead generation

Check how your existing generators are contributing to your business using the right tools. Evaluate the sources of your lead generation and design ways to improve your existing content.
Compare and contrast your landing pages. Compare the landing pages that perform well with those that don’t. See how landing page A is doing better than landing page B and then A/B test them.
Run internal reports and assess visits, CTA clicks and thank-you page shares to find out what stage of this process is the best performing and then replicate these steps.

CTA clicks

2. CTAs
Design your site with colours that create contrast. Use Canva to create engaging images for free. Research and come up with different CTA ideas you could test. Create a good copy that makes people take action.
3. Landing page
Landing page

Marketing savvies have found that having over 30 landing pages on your website can generate seven times more leads than having one to five landing pages.
4. Thank-You page
Even though the lead generation page seems to be receiving most of our attention, the thank-you page shouldn’t be overlooked.

Put some of your efforts to the thank-you page and make sure you include a link for your newly generated lead so that your offer is downloadable as well as easy to share to the social.
5. Start with a basic CTA on your homepage
 Your homepage is like the shop window for your website. It’s designed to catch the attention at first sight. Use this opportunity and offer a free trial or subscription to some of your campaigns or your newsletter.

Asking them to subscribe you give the visitors the opportunity to learn more about your product or services after their consent. Consumers are not ready to make a purchase in the first time of visiting your website, so being non-invasive with the first impression is of utmost importance.

6. Share ebooks for free on selected blog posts

Share ebooks

An effective way that creates awareness and gives a more detailed overview of the topic you elaborate on your blog content.
As you may already know, your page authority is heavily based on your blog content which will, in turn, drive organic traffic. Visitors who land on your page through organic traffic are often looking to find solutions to a problem they already have. This result is quite valuable for your business.
Conduct keyword research on your niche topics and create high-quality informative blogs that educate people on your product and services. Then, create a report breaking down in a more analytical way what you talked about on your blog post. Convert your draft to a file-friendly (PDF) document that your visitors can easily download or share with friends.

7. Live chat

Live chat

Live chat services are not only a proven method that drives leads but also a customer communication channel that is expected from many people.

To leverage this tool, audit your website, and find out which pages have the highest dwell time. Meaning what pages your visitors spend most of their time on. By implementing live chat in such pages you will be able to answer the visitor’s questions and at the same time extract valuable insights on what problems you need to resolve and how to go forward with your product development. 

8. Test, experiment, test
Optimising your lead generation process is all about testing and experimentation. A/B testing your CTAs in any possible way can make your click-through-rates soar. The copy of your CTA, the images you use, the layout of your landing page, or the colors of your page can make a huge difference in the way visitors are responding to your calls for action.

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