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Thursday 2 April 2020

Essential Tools for Web Designers

Web Designer

Web designers need a very specific collection of software and hardware in order to get their work done. As demand for professional web designers continues to grow, more people than ever are looking into this sector as a viable career. However, all of the learning in the world is going to get you nowhere if you don’t have the tools that you need to bring your web designs to life.

If you're a website designer and you're being hindered by the tools at your disposal, or you're considering working harder on your career as a web designer, then here are the essentials that you absolutely need to have in your toolbox.

1. A Laptop

While you might do a lot of your work on a dedicated PC or Mac, the fact is that you're going to need some portability as well. Heading off to meet clients, managing presentations, or even just carrying on with work as you commute, a laptop is vital. It’s going to need some specific tech requirements, so be sure to ask yourself “What laptop should I buy; You’re going to need to know the requirements of the software that you’ll be using, or you could end up with a laptop that isn’t powerful enough to work fluidly.

2. More Security

In order to keep both yourself and your clients safer, you're going to want to invest in some improved online security. Hardware firewalls are becoming increasingly essential, and there is a range of options to choose from. Make sure that you keep your security levels high at all times, and you’ll spend less time worrying and more time working.

3. The Right Software

When it comes to choosing the right tools for your web design, a lot of your decisions are going to be software-based. This is largely going to come down to preference, but you’re going to need to identify the software choices that you’ll be using in order to get the best computer and laptops for work. Look at the spec requirements for the more common software, such as:

● Dreamweaver
● Photoshop
● iWork
● Komodo Edit

The more that you know about the tech requirements of your chosen software, the better you’ll be able to choose a laptop or PC that works with you.

4. Server Needs

You might not need your own dedicated server, but there are some web designers that specialize in hosting their own website portals. This can be a complex element of your business to get right, so make sure that you have some awareness of the type of server you need. There is an ever-growing shift to more cloud-based hosting, so dedicated servers may not be 100% necessary for every designer.

5. A Better Mouse

No matter if you're on a PC or laptop, you're going to be using your mouse a lot. That’s why it’s worth making sure that you have something robust that’s going to cope with a lot of use. You have plenty of choices, but you are going to need to make some decisions on preference. You could choose:

● Wireless or wired
● Optical or laser
● Size
● Ergonomic or solid

There is a huge variety of makes and models available, and it’s worth trying out a few before purchasing to make sure that you feel comfortable with your mouse of choice. Professional web designers are going to need the best hardware and the software so that they can do the job. Make sure that you focus on these essentials, and you could be heading into a lucrative career as a web designer before you know it.

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