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Tuesday 16 November 2021

FlexClip - an Easy-To-Use Video Maker, Even for Beginners

Have you ever thought of creating an original video using royalty-free videos? Maybe you want to create a video on multiple devices, like a desktop at home and a laptop at the office?


In most cases, you probably download video editing software to do this. But this time, you don't have to do this as you can easily edit the videos from the web with FlexClip Video Maker.


What is FlexClip?


FlexClip video maker is software that allows you to create and edit videos from your web browser easily. Unlike the software installed on the PC, this tool can be used on any computer with a web browser. Also, as the videos created are on the FlexClip server, you can continue editing them from another terminal.


These are some of its features:


l  No need to download it.

l  You can filter the video.

l  You can create a slide show with multiple photos.

l  Features include video and music trimming, effects and narration, watermarks, and more.

l  Countless royalty-free stock media like videos, music, and photos

l  Picture in picture (floating video).

l  It supports screen recording and video conversion.


Without a doubt, a suitable tool for producing simple videos, such as promotional videos, to be published on social networks or on websites.

How to create a video with FlexClip

video with flexclip

On this occasion, we will create a straightforward video connecting the title video, two short videos, the final video, and the background music. Of course, more advanced editing is possible, but this demonstrates that a video can be created in a simple way.

1. Start your creation

To make a video, you have to start by creating a project. A project is like a workshop to make videos. It is an image of preparing a workshop and creating a video in it. We are going to create a video from a template, so click on the “Create by Templates” button and select the list of video templates to create. Otherwise, click on the "Start from Scratch" button.


2. Import media (videos, photos, etc.)

Select the Media option in the project. If you prefer to upload your own videos, click on "Local Files," and select a local video file and upload it. Suppose you want to use the videos provided by FlexClip, select the "Video” tab, and choose one of the available videos. You can also click on the "Recording" option and choose to record the screen or record the webcam.


3. Insert text

As the video title, create a video that displays the title characters at the beginning of the video. As the final video, create a video that shows the last characters at the end of the video.


Select a black background and choose the "Text" tab from the menu on the left. There are many text patterns available, so choose the one you like. You can double-click on the text in the preview on the right.


4. Add music

Suppose you want to use the music provided by FlexClip, select "Library," and select a piece of music from the available ones. If there is no sound, it will be a lonely video, so add music. To do this, select "Music" from the menu on the left. If you like to upload your own music, select "Browse Your Music" and choose a local music file on your computer. Keep in mind that they are classified by category and gender, and you can also search by keyword.


5. Add transitions

Flexclip Transitions

The videos are almost completely due to work done so far. However, switching between videos has no effect and changes quickly. That's not good, so you need to set transitions (effects) to switch between video clips. By applying a transition, the joints of the video will change coldly.


Click the joints of the video you want to transition to. Select the transition you like and click Apply. When you set the transition, the video stitching icon changes. Set transitions for other video joins in the same way.


6. Export the video

Here comes the end of video creation. Check the finished video and finally export the video file. You can click the play button to see how the clip has turned out.


Check the content of the video and, if this works, click "Export." Select the resolution of the exported video. (Besides MP4, it can also be exported in GIF format.) The selectable resolution is only 480p for free use. However, you can export in 720p or 1080p with the paid versions. After setting the video intro, name, and creator, click Export.



Flexclip Price

The pricing screenshot shows that the free version (free plan) has more restrictions than the paid version. If you want to enjoy all the resources and features, a business plan is excellent. You can choose a plan according to your needs.


This article introduces how to use the FlexClip video maker, explaining the procedure to create a simple video. So, if you like it, you should know that FlexClip has more than 1 million multimedia resources such as videos and music. Also, all of them are free of copyright.

You can start testing the free version to create a video in minutes. After trying it, the safest thing is that you want to switch to the paid version to get more out of it. Go for it!

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