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Wednesday 12 May 2021

Wristbands to Support Bladder Cancer Awareness


Custom Cancer Support Wristbands

Every year there are more than 72,000 people are diagnosed with the body condition of bladder cancer. And this disease becomes incurable, if not treated at the right time. Some of the people are not having enough awareness about this disease due to which they don’t even realize that they are in the last stage of bladder cancer. Therefore, it is exceptionally important to raise a need for support and awareness among people.

Use of Rubber Wristbands to Support Bladder Cancer Awareness

If you want to arrange an awareness event or fundraising ceremony for bladder cancer, then the use of rubber wristbands plays an important role to make your campaign successful. The use of wristbands will let the attendees feel that how much you care about this awareness and giving support to bladder cancer patients.

We all know that the National Bladder Cancer Awareness month is in May. Every year the whole world commences some awareness programs or seminars for the patients who are suffering from bladder cancer and to let them know more about what this ailment is all about. Different events are scheduled around this time just to bring some nationwide attention towards the treatments and some research related to bladder cancer.

Your colorful bladder cancer wristbands for any event or the awareness campaign are included with the website and event name. You can use the rubber wristbands at the time of the event just for the sake of promotion or as a piece of awareness. Some of the events are also using the bands just to gain entry into the event or even for raising the funds. 

The main purpose of wristbands for bladder cancer is just to raise money and support a person who is fighting against this battle. Wristbands for bladder cancer are available in two colors which are normally yellow and orange. 

What is Bladder Cancer?

Talking about bladder cancer, it is a disease in which the malignant cells will reproduce to form tumors inside the bladder. There are different types of bladder cancer which are categorized based on cancer cells, how they grow and from where they are originated. 

Important statistics related to bladder cancer are:

• Bladder Cancer is known to be the 6th most commonly diagnosed cancer inside the U.S. It is yet the 4th most common cancer in men and 11th in women.

• In the year 2013, around15, 000 people were estimated to die from the disease of bladder cancer. 

• There have been around 520,000 bladder cancer survivors currently in the U.S.

• Detecting the signs of bladder cancer at the early stages will improve survival rates.

• One of the most symptoms of bladder cancer is the appearance of blood in the urine.

• Men are much more likely to face bladder cancer as compared to women. 

• Over the last 25 years, no major advancement has been made regarding the treatment of bladder cancer. 

• Major causes of bladder cancer are still not known as it can grow inside your body cells at any age.

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