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Tuesday 25 May 2021

Why Choose A Dedicated Server UAE For Your Website?


Dedicated Server

A dedicated server is a private server, owned by the individual or the organizations that offer the network functionality for multiple purposes like web hosting services, email hosting, backup storage facility, etc.  It is not better to rely on the public shared networks for the big business firms, and hosting eCommerce websites since you have to handle the huge network traffics and sensitive data securely.

With the rapidly growing online business market and the cyber risks, dedicated servers become an urgent need to compete and sustain yourself within the digital marketing environment with much better consistency and efficiency to provide successful web hosting or other business and eCommerce services.

UAE is the most prominent place to offer you the best tech investment opportunities in UAE. With having the top IT industries from all over the world, none other than UAE has the best place to set up a Dedicated Server in UAE. UAE is one of the best destinations having the 30 best IT companies that attract techies from Europe, India, and all over America to work in this world-class city. Start the web hosting services and online business or eCommerce by setting up a Dedicated Server in UAE in the most competitive tech market.

Know About Dedicated Server UAE

Know About Dedicate Server UAE

Dedicated Server UAE is the private or unshared network servers that are designed for the individual or the private organization to enjoy the vast online opportunities with reliability that a shared server cannot.

With the Dedicated Server UAE that is unshared network servers, you are offered the freedom and independence to customize the server features as per your priorities along with much better performance and security features than the public shared servers. Set up the Dedicated Server UAE now to boost your online services and business to the next level.

Dedicated Server UAE is the remote server that, unlike the public shared network servers, offers enormous features and complete administrative authority to handle it in your way. You are like the server host now. That means along with hosting your website, you are now able to host other websites too, in case you want to make additional profits.


Choose the Best Dedicated Server in UAE For Your Company

Best Dedicated Server in UAE

To select the Best-Dedicated Server Hosting UAE, one should emphasize the following factors that need to be considered before making any choice.

Let’s check what are these factors before opting for Best Dedicated Server Hosting UAE by Serverwala.

#1. Security - The security feature that is offered by a dedicated server is a must for the protection of your personal data online. While handling the legal issues or sharing banking and account details or making any transactions online, the dedicated server must be protected to handle any cyber or hacking attacks that may leak your sensitive information.  Hence the best-dedicated server system environment offers the best security software and antivirus support.

#2. Hardware Choice - The hardware selection along with the specifically dedicated server is the most important thing to look at. The hardware selection determines the performance and capability of the website you host. The hardware selection involves the choice of RAM, storage offered by either, HDDs or SSDs, bandwidth capacity, etc. These hardware specifications decide the accessibility of your website.

#3. Control and Customization - You have the full sovereignty to manage your server in your desired way. The hosting website is also under your control only. Unlike the public servers that handle the responsibility to manage your website, with the Dedicated Server UAE it is now your responsibility to handle it.  Hence the best-dedicated servers offer full customization and control of the server in your hands, to make the services running as per your priorities.

#4. Budget - However, the Dedicated Hosting UAE is an expensive deal to the opt-in comparatively than other shared hosting plans but it doesn’t mean that company can cost you any prices. The best companies, like Serverwala, always offer Dedicated Hosting UAE at very affordable and reasonable prices as much as possible. 

#5. Support and Assistance - One of the most important things to consider is the of support and assistance provided by the company from which you buy a dedicated server facility. Since dedicated servers are huge and complex technical setup, you may require support frequently to manage it properly. With the best companies like Serverwala, you just need to sit down and emphasize the business part, the technical part will be handled by the team of Serverwala.

Benefits of Best Dedicated Server in UAE

The dedicated servers are the unshared network server, offering enormous benefits over all the web hosting plans, whether the public shared one or private shared one(VPS and cloud hostings). These advantages are for maintaining the continuity and reliability of your services online that are provided by a dedicated server online;

#1. Handles high volumes of traffic:

Dedicated servers are known for their best performances when compared to the VPS or Cloud hosting services. Dedicated servers have high processing RAM and enormous disk space to access your site with greater ease. With time it is very obvious that the site grows with more data size and the number of visitors( in the case of eCommerce). Even the site that consists of audio and video content has more data to store on the server.

#2. Better Performance

The shared public servers are having limited resources and bandwidth to offer you specific plans. Hence the performance of your online services like eCommerce and website hosting are affected to a considerable extent. It may reduce the number of visitors due to poor performances.

The Dedicated Server UAE offers the best performances, since all the processing units it has, serves only your purpose. It has the high processing power to access your site and can handle large visitor statistics with the same efficiency.

#3. Reliability

Dedicated servers are best to make your online services like web hosting or eCommerce more reliable and consistent. Since it has its resources and bandwidth completely dedicated for you to enjoy the reliability of your services, Dedicated Server UAE is now an urgent requirement for online business and marketing.

#4. Dedicated Servers Offer Greater Access Control

While using the dedicated server hosting plans, you are having the root access to manage the server settings. It means your sovereignty over the administration of the server.In case you are having a web hosting business, you can limit the bandwidth and resources to the different users as per their selected plan. Since you are a host now, you have the overall control of the server, customizable by you.


Setting up a dedicated server for your online growing business or web hosting business plan in UAE will be a very worthy choice to consider for making huge profits. Dedicated servers offer you enormous benefits of hosting online websites with a more advanced version of security and resources than any other shared plan does. Get in touch with India’s best tech brand of Serverwala, which offers you the best hardware and software resources to enjoy the best-dedicated server facility with the most consistent and reliable support.

ServerWala targeted almost every best business location in the world like UAE for instance, to provide you an amazing opportunity for setting up Cheap Dedicated Server in UAE. Serverwala has the best and technically skilled team that will take care of all the technical issues you may face.  You must know what should be the factors that affect the choice of a perfect dedicated server before. Read the article carefully and know what things you need to emphasize, for having a better selection choice to buy a dedicated server UAE for your business plans. 

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