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Wednesday 15 April 2020

Why Should You Consider MilesWeb Cloud Hosting for Your eCommerce Websites?

Cloud Hosting

Are you building an E-commerce business? We know you will have a broad checklist such as product selection, pricing, package distribution, courier service, website, etc. You will need to make too many eCommerce business decisions and one of them is starting your service online. All has to be well prepared, from acquiring your domain name to choosing the right web hosting service that suits your needs.

Compared with other sites, e-commerce pages are typically heavier. You will then have to pick a web hosting company that can handle the website even during peak hours.

There are many solutions available for web hosting such as unlimited hosting, shared hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting, etc. In the case of e-commerce websites, cloud hosting is generally suggested. Picking cloud solution makes the hosting experience hassle-free.

Cloud Hosting Features

Better Uptime: When anything goes wrong with your application, another server from the cloud can take over and perform the job instantly, this helps to keep your website online all the time.

Failure: There would be no risk of failure in terms of hardware or protection because the website would be operated in an individual hosting system.

Flexibility: Cloud hosting platforms offer much more flexibility than other hosting solutions.
All the above features help improve the efficiency of your website.

Now, you must be wondering that cloud hosting is going to be really costly but let me tell you about one of those web hosting companies that provides cheap cloud hosting.

In this post, we will tell you about one such provider that offers great features of cloud hosting at cost-effective prices- MilesWeb

Short Intro of MilesWeb

MilesWeb was formed in 2012 and they established a major reputation in the hosting industry in no time. They have over 18,000 consumers as of today's time. Their main emphasis is on customer satisfaction. Their support department is accessible 24/7 for all of your technical assistance.

MilesWeb has two separate cloud hosting service offerings:

·         Managed DigitalOcean Cloud

·         ·        Managed AWS Cloud

Here's a rundown of both of these clouds platforms:

Managed DigitalOcean Cloud

MilesWeb is the official partner of DigitalOcean. Along with reselling DigitalOcean cloud MilesWeb also provides managed DigitalOcean services.


Assistance: When you are not sure which cloud hosting solution to pick, or probably confused among the variety of hosting solutions? Their team of professionals would assist you in selecting the right plan or hosting solution that matches your needs.

Fully Managed: While hosting your website at MilesWeb you don't have to bother about handling your server. Being official DigitalOcean partner, MilesWeb provides fully managed DigitalOcean services.

Monitoring: No risk of software outages and performance glitches as your server is constantly monitored by the MilesWeb team.

Server management: Their department takes charge of the routine activities of the server such as updates, installation and repairs. With this, your DigitalOcean server will operate without a hitch that’s for sure.

Optimization: Your server has to be configured to keep up the efficiency of your website or application. Thus, their team also takes charge of the server optimization.

Data protection: Because their team tracks your sever constantly, your data is kept secure and remains harmless.

Security: MilesWeb team maintains track of any vulnerability to keep the website free of any malwares, viruses and spyware. They always take all the precautionary steps to keep the server secure.

Managed AWS Cloud

Amazon Web Services – the most popular cloud hosting solution offers efficient, flexible and scalable cloud hosting services. MilesWeb has partnered with this leading cloud server provider.

Here are the features offered by MilesWeb for AWS cloud:

Management of your Server: Continuous monitoring of your server, find possible bugs and fixing of other problems is done to maintain your AWS server. This helps in keeping your server up and working for the longest period.

AWS Certified Staff: Their team is made up of qualified AWS professionals, who know how to manage the AWS system and keep it secure, effective and trouble-free.

Optimization and Growth: They provide stability and great productivity of the AWS server along with state-of-the-art AWS infrastructure to provide the best-in-class AWS technology.

Time Saving: Their team handles all of the server-related tasks needed by AWS, such as upgrading, patching or regular cloud maintenance. You can save a lot of time in this way and use it for your company.

Increased productivity: MilesWeb team is in charge of AWS cloud network administration. This lets your staff concentrate on tasks such as market growth, profit-generating, and customer support rather than spending their valuable time in server administration.

24/7 assistance: Their technical specialists are accessible 24/7 to assist you resolve issues related to the AWS.


Cloud hosting is the simplest and cheapest option for organizations with high traffic on their website- such as eCommerce. Traffic on your website will be handled easily, whether you prefer the Managed DigitalOcean Cloud or Managed AWS Cloud services from MilesWeb. If you choose to go with MilesWeb, you get 99.95% uptime. So if you are searching for a cloud hosting solution for your eCommerce business, we assure you that MilesWeb will prove the best choice.

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