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Thursday 16 April 2020

7 Effective ways of Increasing your Blog Traffic

7 Effective ways of Increasing your Blog Traffic

Blogging is not easy in today’s era. There is always a huge competition in front of you, no matter which niche you are. Bloggers work hard day and night to reach for the desired content. But when they reach their desired content they lack in having a rightful amount of audience. This does demotivate a blogger a lot.

But don’t worry, because today we are going to discuss the 7 most effective ways every blogger must do to increase their blog traffic within weeks. So let's not waste more characters on bullshit.

Build a Mailing List

Emails are a useful source of promotion and also for sharing valuable content. Today when technology is increasing with a high speed, every smartphone user have an email. So try creating an email list of a handful of people and send your pitch to them. Six out of ten people will for surely open your email. 

Let's take a number say 150, start with the first 150 emails, finding emails is very easy, just hit to social networking sites or read the comments of some top blogs, you will definitely find a good amount of emails there. You must get more information about Email Marketing and its benefits, before building an email list.

Guest Posting

Posting on someone else’s blog provides you with two benefits. First, it will give you a backlink and second a free promotion of your blog. 

Guest Posting gives your content and you a platform to showcase your skills and your hard work to a completely new audience. Guest posting also results in increasing the authority of your domain. 

More clearly, it is the most effective way to increase your domain authority and trust level in the eyes of search engines like Google.

Write Great and Super-Duper Headlines

If your content is ranking on Google but no one is visiting your website, then this situation has only one problem. The problem is your headline sucks in engaging the user. If you are writing goddamn superb content on your webpages, but you don't work on your headlines, then your page is not going to get visited by users.

Headlines are the first thing an organic user sees, that attracts them and forces them to open up your webpage.

So write a superb headline, which is engaging, holding your focus keyword and an almost perfect match to the user’s query. This type of headline will definitely boost up your traffic within a day.

Share your content on Social Media

Social Media or the free platforms to promote your blog in front of millions of users. You just have to post your link over there or share your content with your targeted audience or with the relevant users and that's it.

7 out of every ten people will open it and have a look. Also, Google loves to collect links that are shared on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. 

These social media links were counted as your social shares and the more social shares you have the more you rank higher. Moreover, you can also create a community on social media, this will help your readers to ask their queries and it will also help you in promoting your content, sharing your pitches and many other things.

Provide answers on Quora

If anyone is searching a query in a form of an interrogation, then for surely he will end up on Quora. Not only searchers but also knowledge seekers use to read Quora on a daily basis.

Quora or a website that provides answers to almost every question is also a good source of traffic and backlinks.

But Quora has a very strict content policy. If they find out that you are using Quora just for traffic purposes, they will terminate your account instantly and will never let you create a new one on the same email.

So give natural answers and try to really solve the problem of the readers, they will definitely come to your blog or website for more information.

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