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Tuesday 21 April 2020

OgyMogy Mobile Phone Monitoring Application

OgyMogy Mobile Phone Monitoring Application

OgyMogy is one of the most trusted mobile phone monitoring applications of the year. It is intended for parents and employers to keep track of digital devices of children and employees. The app offers a wide range of features enabling users to remotely monitor and operate a mobile phone without taking into access. It comes with a web portal through which the end-user can track the target phone and can send commands to that device. In this article, we have discussed main features of the mobile phone tracker app as well as compatibility and subscription details.

How Does the Mobile Spy App Work?

The mobile phone monitoring solution of OgyMogy works with complete secrecy without leaving any clue of spying. It secretly accesses the data stored on the phone and uploads to the web portal. This includes messages, contacts, photos, videos, voice recordings and more. The end-user of the app can log into the web portal to access the data and to send command to the phone to turn on camera and microphone.

Main Features of the Mobile Surveillance App

The parental control and monitoring app offers dozens of features enabling user to keep tabs on the cell phone activities of someone else. We have reviewed here the most prominent features of the app facilitating child and employee monitoring.

Track Messages

The tracker app creates online backup of messages received and sent through the target phone. It includes short messages, MMS and instant messages exchanged via most commonly used instant messengers such as WhatsApp, Line, IMO and Viber.

Monitor Calls

The surveillance app automatically records incoming and outgoing phone calls to enable the end- user to listen to these calls remotely. It also provides contact detail of callers and recipients.

Check Out Social Media

The activities performed on social media apps can be monitored with the help of android spy app. The end-user can track most popular social messengers including Snapchat, Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook and Tinder. The messages exchanged via social media app can be retrieved through the web portal. The activities can be recorded and posts can be monitored without following the target.

Track GPS Location

The end-user of the monitoring app can find out the whereabouts of the targeted phone by accessing the GPS location of that device right from the web portal. The app lets you know the current location of the target phone and also offers geo-fencing to prevent target from entering specific locations.

Live Screen Recording

The real-time cell phone activities can be monitored with the live screen recording. The end-user can send command to the target device to start recording screen or taking screenshots. It lets you see what the target is seeing, typing or searching on the phone at the present time. The screenshots and short video of screen get automatically uploaded to the web portal.

Manage Contact List

Using the parental control app, parents can get access to contacts saved on their kids’ phone. They can also make amendments in the Phonebook by adding new contacts and deleting unwanted contact numbers.

Remote Control Apps

The mobile phone use of children can be managed by remote controlling apps installed on the phone. The age-inappropriate and engaging social media and gaming apps can be blocked to limit the cell phone use. The spy app also allows uninstalling and unblocking apps without having phone into custody.

Retrieve Photos and Videos

The androids surveillance app also acts as online storage app by creating an online backup of photos and videos saved on the target phone. It secretly accesses media files and uploads to the web portal of OgyMogy. The end-user of the spy app can retrieve and evaluate these media files anytime by logging into the online portal.

Compatibility & Pricing

The surveillance app allows supervising the use of android mobile phones and tablets running latest version of android operating system. It supports all mobile phone networks and all popular android phone brands including Samsung, LG, Huawei and Sony among others. The price of the monitoring solution varies with subscription period and selected features. The basic version of the app can be subscribed in $15 for one month. The price of the software may change from time to time.

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