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Tuesday 21 April 2020

How to record the screen for Windows with TheOneSpy app 2020?

record the screen for Windows

You must be thinking that a hidden Screen recorder is not as relevant to the track and monetary activities of a particular person. However, that is not the case. While you are trying to track and monitor the activities of a specific person then a hidden screen recorder can play an important role as well. You cannot always keep track of a person, and you need to have evident proof of the activity of a particular person. So, TheOneSpy app feature to record the screen can be your best buddy to help you with having the evidence and to keep an eye on the person using the targeted device. People have access to modern cell phones, laptops, and computers as well. While you are trying to have a keen eye on your kids, on your employee, you cannot be there to access and process all the information that they are doing all the time. Moreover, this activity of yours can make them suspicious and make them retaliate as well.

Which tracking application will help in having your screen recorded?

TheOneSpy app is tracking software that can help you with the hidden screen recorder and many other numerous applications and features as well. You cannot only track the photos and videos, but you can also use this application to see the contacts and other activities going on within a target device. You may think that it is easy to track and record the screen of a phone, but how will you record the screen of the Windows?

TheOneSpy app is there to help you out as well. You can use and Spy App features to record the screen correctly and in the best way possible.

Are you looking for the method of how to screen record while you are using the application on the windows? We will help you with the process of monitoring and tracking.

Steps for using the TOS camera screen recorder on Windows

Below we have written some of the easy and super quick steps that you can follow to record the screen of a particular target a device even if it is windows.

  • Sign up to TheOneSpy application.

  • The first thing is to download TheOneSpy application on the target device. It can be either be downloaded on the cell phone or Windows computer as well
  • Once you have downloaded the TOS application, you can now access the online portal that has been given to you to access the targeted device.

  • There you will find out the pictures. In the features, you will find a screen recorder option as well. When you enable this option, you will see that the camera of the laptop as action and recording the screen.

This is all that you need to do to access and the Hidden screen Recorder work.

Is the hidden screen recorder worth it?

Mobile repairing software, if the kids are into some terrible activity is and spreading hate or nudity, Screen Recorder is the best option to take a look at their activities and be satisfied. It will not only protect your kids but also help you with saving your kids from bullying and other terrible activities as well.

Why you are trying to access the hidden Screen Recorder on the windows, you do not have to be bothered at all. The functioning of the screen recorder for the application as well is hidden and discrete that the user will not know what is happening. This way, the user will not only be on the track of doing their usual activities. It will give a lesser chance to retaliate.


The hidden screen recorder can help you in many ways and not only to save your child but also to have a look at your employees as well. You can use this application of TheOneSpy on the phone or the windows as well. Over there is an option of iOS or Mac as well. So if you are looking for trustable and reliable monitoring app, have TheOneSpy has to be your pick.

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