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Thursday 22 April 2021

Top defence deals of 2020-21



“Real heroes don’t have a name on the back of their jersey, they wear their country’s flag”. -Indian Army officer. The Indian Armed forces are known as the world's largest standing army with a strength of around 1.4 million personnel. The defence forces of India are highly revered for showing unending commitment towards their country. Valor, sacrifice, discipline and determination are some of the values that made everyone respect Indian Defence forces with honor and pride. They have efficiently deterred every antagonism and protected the peace of the nation. 


The defence forces of India are further categorised into three graceful uniformed services: The Indian Army, Indian Naval Force, Indian Air force. Youngsters can easily enter these elite forces by qualifying defence exams like NDA, AFCAT, CDS etc. Those who have a blazing craze for joining the armed forces, they can prepare for the NDA exam. If anyone needs astounding guidance while preparing for the exam, they can connect with a magnificent NDA coaching institute in Chandigarh. Defence aspirants must have clear knowledge regarding combating capabilities of the armed forces and how they enhance their operational efficiency.


The government of India invests billions in the defence sector to enhance its combating efficiency and safeguard its domestic territory. Some defence deals of India are elaborated as follows:


  1. India-US Apache contract


India signed an agreement worth $930 million for 6 Apache helicopters with the US. The contract was made in the year 2015 for 22 Apache helicopters by the Indian Air Force. Seventeen helicopters are delivered to India out of 22 and remaining will be delivered in the year 2023.  Rajasthan border with Pakistan will be available with these Apache helicopters.  This contract is a direct commercial sale between the government of India and the US government.

 Apache helicopters are the world’s most technically advanced helicopters that were inducted into the US army in November 2011. These helicopters are developed in Mesa, Arizona and more than 400 Apache helicopters have been delivered to several countries.


  1. Fleet Vessel Ship Agreement


India put Fleet Vessel Ship (FVS) Agreement on hold in October 2019 after doubting Turkey’s link with Pakistan and diplomatic dissension with the Recep Tayyip Erdogan Government. Turkship shipyards are the main source of warships in the Naval force of Pakistan. This raised serious security concerns as the Turkish company was about the supply ships at HSL. The government of India agreed to set a deal worth $ 2.3 billion in February 2020 after considering the reviews mentioned before. Under this agreement, Turkish company will deliver 5 Fleet Vessel Ships of 45,000 tonnes at HSL(Hindustan Shipyard Limited), Vishkhapatnam. 

There are countless youngsters who have a burning desire to enter the Naval forces of India. All they need to do is prepare for the CDS exam. If anyone needs perfect assistance while preparing for the exam, they can link with a leading CDS coaching institute in Chandigarh.




  1. India-Israel Defence Pact


India has signed a deal worth Rd 800 crores with Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) to purchase 16,479 Negev 7.62*51 mm light machine guns for the defence forces of India. These machine guns improve the lethal power of a soldier and his range. Light Machine Guns were first used during the second world war and later introduced by IWI in 2012. The Negev LMG is inducted by various armed forces across the world. The LMG is capable of firing 600 rounds in a semi-automatic mode.


  1. Air force one deal with the US


The Indian government has agreed to pay the US government $ 190 million for two self-protection suites (SPS). The agreement was signed in February 2020 during President Trump's visit to India. The two custom-built Boeing 777 aircraft previously purchased for long-haul VVIP travel will be retrofitted with these suites.


Under the overall SPS, the aircraft will be equipped with two B-777s, completely integrated advanced missile approach alert sensors, protective electronic warfare systems, infrared countermeasures, optical radio frequency jammers, and other similar devices. This would be similar to Air Force One or the Flying Oval Office, as used by President Trump.


The B-777s will be operated by the IAF rather than Air India, as had been agreed previously. Pilots from the Indian Air Force have also been qualified to fly the VVIP aircraft.


  1. MH-60 Romeo Helicopters Deal


 After the dialogue between the United States and India in New delhi, the south block agreed with the Indian Navy to procure 24 Sikrosky MH-60 R Helicopters. The contract was finally signed in February 2020 when President Trump made a visit to India. This deal was $ 2.6 billion that included communication system, helicopters, weapon system, hellfire Missiles that are used to hit ships, 50 cannons, MK 54 Lightweight Torpedoes and precision rocket system.


MH-60 Romeo Helicopters act as anti-surface warfare and anti-submarine helicopters in the US Navy. it can efficiently handle search, supply and rescue missions.The Sea king anti-submarine warfare helicopter of the Indian Armed forces will be replaced by this helicopter.


Are you aiming to be part of the Indian Air force? If yes, get well prepared for the AFCAT exam. In case anyone needs proper mentoring for the exam, they can connect with a brilliant AFCAT coaching institute in Chandigarh.



The top defence deals of the defence are discussed in detail as above. These deals are done with the intention of enhancing fighting capabilities of the armed forces. Every year, the central government of India invests maximum portion of its earnings to upgrade armed weapons of the defence forces.

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