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Friday 8 May 2020

Livestock management software A brief set of guidelines

Livestock management software is an emerging technology in the agriculture industry. Many people are calling it virtual fencing as it helps bridging the gaps between you and your livestock animals in the field. There are many other software’s that constitute livestock management solutions namely; Breeding software, cattle management software, Livestock record keeping apps, pasture grazing software and Feed mill automation to name a few. 

Gone are the days where farmers and ranchers are keeping records of their animals through manual registers or maintaining big ring binders. Livestock management adds a lot of cost to your business as it is a time consuming affair as it also involves costs of repairs as well. Many companies are offering solutions and cost effective methods in association with computer science and farm management professionals, as they are developing a GPS linked system which acts as virtual hedges in managing livestock. Livestock management cannot be managed in isolation by farm management professionals and vice versa. Computer science professionals must be aware of the needs and requirements that are crucial for managing in the herd by livestock workers. On the other hand, ranch management professionals must be aware of different software solutions linked with daily routine matters. Be it a breeding software, cattle management software, livestock inventory software as a variety of characteristics has been offered to address the day-to-day routine matters of livestock management workers by these services.

Following will provide a set of brief guidelines that your livestock management software has to offer;

Breeding Management Services

Many software solutions are providing services of cattle location and their gestational status. Some are providing third party GPS linked services with Electronic Identification devices (EID) and Radio Frequency Identifiers (RFID) to track the location of the cattle. Along with this many software solutions provide support services to reduce breeding costs, produce quality offspring and identify the factors that are subject to under production in livestock management.

Pasture Management Solutions

Pasture management and grazing conditions must be measured primarily. Many businesses are providing good individual feed yield and annual grass growth. Pasture mapping apps are designed with GIS (Geo-information System) and geo-fencing technology is introduced to view complete herd movements. Weather tracking features also provide alerts regarding climate conditions so you can be more watchful in case if your animals need shelter.

Feed Management and Conversion ratio

For optimal nutritional intake of your livestock, management software platforms are available to measure the intake of food, feed schedules and reorder of their food ingredients. Feed conversion ratio can also be quantified and one of the ways like milk yield, can give an idea about the feed conversion ratio of an animal.

Report Management

Report management is one of finest modules available in any breeding software or any other software service provider. For instance; breeding of animals can be easily extracted through reports that provide details of Breeding cost, quality of offspring, duration of gestational period, heath of calf after birth, genetics information and fertility history can be easily recorded. 

Do Smart work not hard work

With all the livestock management software it provides a lot of avenues for ranch or livestock management professionals to prioritize time on the important activities of animals rather spoiling their precious time in penning all the details on paper. A lot of things can be done effectively and the chance of error can be minimal while using Livestock management software. In this blog, we tried to provide you the brief details of the features offered by any such services. We hope this will help the beginner to understand the set of features regarding livestock management software.  

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