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Tuesday 5 May 2020

5 Exceptionally convenient steps to create a Wiki page

steps to create a Wiki page

Since our world has delved into the digital technology we have been using new tools and means to do accomplish all sorts of tasks. Especially if you talk about the business industry and the tools they have been using over the years to create awareness about their products and their businesses, they too have changed considerably since the digital age has started.

Many new strategies have come into play since the business community has adopted digital means of accomplishing different tasks. And the approach used for marketing has totally changed. Digital marketing has now taken over the traditional ways of marketing and businesses all over the world are adopting these new techniques because of their cost-effectiveness and because of the fact that digital marketing lets business organizations reach target audiences on a much larger scale than the strategies used in the traditional marketing approach.

This huge change in demand for digital marketing has inspired many new and innovative ways to engage audiences. One of the most reliable and most used ways of reaching target audiences is now through Wikipedia. An online encyclopedia which was initially founded to deliver authentic and reliable information. This, once known as the hub of information on a vast variety of topics, is now also a well-known and influential tool for providing businesses with means of creating brand awareness.
With the epidemic use of Wikipedia pages by business organizations throughout the world the demand for a professional Wikipedia page creator has risen and many people, seeing it as an opportunity, have started creating their own freelance businesses of creating wiki pages for a variety of business organizations and individuals. For all the beginners in the field there are five exceptionally easy steps that you can follow to create a Wikipedia page and start earning a decent income as a freelance wiki page creator.

Step # 1 – Register Yourself

The first step you, as a beginner, need to take is to get yourself registered on the platform by creating an account on the official Wikipedia website. The way it works is once you land on the website you first need to choose the language you are comfortable with. After deciding on your preferred language you than need to start the registration process by clicking on the “create account” button available on the top right corner of your page or screen. After clicking that button you will land on another page that will look like a form and Wikipedia will be asking for information and to register you need to fill out the form.

Step # 2–Deciding your topic

Once registered on Wikipedia you now need to pick out an appropriate topic to write on. Picking the appropriate topic is very necessary because if the topic you are writing on is not according to the standards of notability then you’re your Wikipedia page might not be approved. Many topics not meeting the notability criteria get rejected. Apart from the notability criteria you also need to make sure to pick a topic that has not been uploaded on Wikipedia already. You can only create a page on Wikipedia if the page doesn’t already exist.

Step # 3 – Research

Make sure to be very careful when conducting your research regarding the topic. Your research should project facts and all the facts should be coming from authentic and credible sources. It is preferable that you should provide appropriate references to the facts you have collected and will use in your Wikipedia page.

Step # 4 – Writing guidelines

Like all websites Wikipedia also has a set of writing guidelines and policies. Anything that is found on Wikipedia is only there because it was written according to the guideline and policies of the platform. You can find a detailed page on the writing guidelines and policies of writing on a Wikipedia page on Wikipedia itself. There other things such as keeping a neutral tone and avoiding promotional content that a wiki writer needs to be careful about as well.

Step # 5 – Analyze and submit

Once you have produced your content you need to critically analyze it for any mistakes or errors before you submit it because every wiki page goes through an official review process before it becomes a part of the platform.

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